Posted by: Kathleen Mix | September 20, 2010

The Adventure of Love

Adventure is the spice of our lives.

Some days, we sprinkle our lives with small adventures like sampling a new dish at a Greek restaurant, riding the roller coaster at an amusement park, meeting new friends at a party, or racing down a winding beach road on a motorcycle. Occasionally, we’re lucky enough to have grand adventures like taking an exotic vacation, moving into a new house or apartment, getting a first job or better job, or experiencing the birth of a baby. Depending on our lifestyles, adventures may be sprinkled or slathered, common or rare. But each time we find one, we welcome the stimulating excitement and the escape from our routine world.

Sometimes risk is added to adventure and we describe the combination as dangerous. To me, sky diving, storm chasing, and rock climbing are adventurous but dangerous. To the characters in my books, love is a major adventure and love is dangerous.

When combined with a character’s emotional risk, the adventure of falling in love becomes thrilling and dangerous. When the heroine first sees the hero, she may
experience a heart-pounding rush of adrenaline. The otherwise-strong hero may feel helpless whenever the heroine is near. Deep inside, they want the adventure of love. But one, or both, resists because of a perceived risk. Their pulses’ race as they’re drawn magnetically to the other. Meanwhile, their minds warn of danger and scream for caution.

The appeal of fiction is directly related to the human desire for adventure. We want the adventure without having to face the risk. A good story transports us to other places, introduces us to new people and experiences, lets us face adversity, and even death, without being exposed to physical danger.

Romance fiction satisfies our hunger for the specific adventure of falling in love. In a good book, we can safely share the thrill of a romance heroine triumphing over emotional danger. We can watch the life of an emotionally bruised hero be transformed by the power of love. We can relive the wonderful glow that brightened our days when our love was wondrous and adventurous and new.

So the next time you’re feeling bored and need a little excitement, grab a book.  Open your heart and mind, and prepare for an adventure. Become the heroine and fall in love. You may be at work neck-deep in dull routine, but when you pull out your romance and read over lunch, you’ll be spicing your life with a delicious serving of adventure.

Had an adventure lately? Please comment and share!


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