Posted by: Kathleen Mix | September 23, 2011

The Virgin Islands on My Mind

My work-in-progress is a romantic suspense partially set in the Virgin Islands. St.
Thomas is my favorite island to visit by sailboat. The town of Charlotte Amalie has a
perfect natural harbor where visiting boats can anchor, and the atmosphere always
stimulates my imagination.

A few of the things I love about the Virgin Islands are:
The islands have wonderful Caribbean flora and fauna. Orange-flowered flamboyant trees, red-blossomed hibiscus, and crimson-studded bougainvillea decorate the sides of the narrow streets. Exotic plants like cactus, lignum vitae, and mango trees cling to the steep hillsides. Iguanas and frigate birds roam over and above the land, tropical fishes and corals create a mesmerizing undersea fantasyland.
The islands are foreign yet familiar. Cars drive on the left, tourists ride in open air taxis, rum is distilled and bottled, and the haunting beat of Caribbean music enlivens the nights. Yet the Virgin Islands are an American territory where the residents speak
English, the currency is the U.S. dollar, and visitors from the fifty states are welcomed without passports.
Every island offers a fantastic view of the sparkling ocean. Between the islands, the stunning blue waters of the Sr. Francis Drake Channel, where pirates once ruled, are today sprinkled with the white sails of pleasure craft. Standing atop a windswept peak, I can gaze at the horizon and let my imagination run wild or turn west in the late afternoon and view a stunning sunset.
The warm, clear waters provide an ideal medium for diving, snorkeling, or floating around relaxing. After a swim, I can wade ashore and pursue my hobby of beach combing.
St. Thomas is one of the most active cruise ship ports in the world. Watching four or five ships a day maneuver in and out of Long Bay is a great source of entertainment. I always look forward to the departure of the Disney ships. As they turn the bow toward
another exotic port-of-call at the end of the day, their melodious horns signal farewell with the inspiring tune of When You Wish Upon a Star.


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