Posted by: Kathleen Mix | October 2, 2011

Ghosts Anyone?

Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle by Pamela K. Kinney reminded me of fun nights sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories. I read until the wee hours, the hairs on the back of my neck tingling. Then I lay awake for hours listening for unusual sounds and wondering whose spirit might be wandering my attic.
From hotels with unregistered guests to lonely battlefields where the spirits of fallen confederate soldiers still fight or search for their way home, Ms. Kinney takes the reader on a fascinating tour of one of Virginia’s most history-rich areas. As in the previous books of her Haunted series, she tells us where spirits roam, who they are presumed to be, and sometimes, why they can’t rest.
Virginia’s Historic Triangle was home to some of America’s first settlers. Life in Jamestown in 1607 was difficult, and the colonists had to fight both Indians and starvation. Either means of death would have been cruel, and may explain why spectral figures are seen there today. Many of the old plantations in Charles City County are haunted. Ms. Kinney relates the history and stories surrounding these fascinating homes and her own experiences when she visited each location. The College of William and Mary is the second oldest college in the U.S. Its long history is rich, and stories of sighting apparitions have been passed down from student to student.
Whether you’re a history buff or ghost chaser, Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle is an interesting read. If you’re planning a vacation, bring the book with you when you visit Virginia. Follow Ms. Kinney’s trail through Colonial Williamsburg, visit Revolutionary War and Civil War battle sites in Yorktown and hear the sounds of drums and fifes, meet the ghosts of Rosewell Plantation in Gloucester. Or if you can’t visit the haunted locations yourself, see them through the author’s eyes. You’ll enjoy your trip immensely.


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