Posted by: Kathleen Mix | January 24, 2013

Set in St. Thomas

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands is one of my favorite places and the setting for my latest novel. Who can resist writing about:

Roosters crowing at dawn.
A cloud weeping on a hilltop while a rainbow tries to coax it into a smile.
Jewelers hacking discount, duty-free diamonds.
Sea turtles rising to the harbor surface for a gulp of air.
A pirate ship replica taking tourists for a sail.
A toothless man snoring on a park bench.
Frigates birds soaring.
Flags snapping in the wind.
Smiling black faces offering T-shirts, today only, three for ten dollars.
Seaplanes landing with a roar and taking off trailing spray.
A fuzzy lump on the horizon that must be St. Croix.
Sailboats in the harbor snug on their anchors.
Big-eyed angelfish studying alien divers.
Whitecaps on aquamarine waves.
Juicy mangos on street vendors’ carts.
The twinkling lights of a cruise ship disappearing over the horizon.

I write romantic suspense, so many of the images in my story are less than cheery. Suspense is better server by burning feet on baking hot sand, parched shrubs, sharp-toothed barracudas, thorny cacti, and ferocious storms that cause dangerous waves and crashing surf. But St. Thomas has all of the above, and the island provides an appropriate image for any tone or mood.


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