Posted by: Kathleen Mix | October 5, 2016

Life’s Surprises

When life interferes with the progress of writing, we are often forced to step back and reconsider our priorities. Even when writing is our main source of income, most of us decide that our health and our families come first. A major medical crisis must become the focal point in our lives and reality must push aside the fantasy world of fiction.

This is how it should be, and no author should feel guilty for ignoring a manuscript. That scene or chapter will be there whenever we are able to return to it. When a chronic illness like cancer has our lives in chaos, it’s not the time to stick our heads in the sand.

My life suddenly went off the tracks a while ago, and my blog has remained empty. Now that things are more or less stable, I’d like to pass on these words of wisdom.

Stay strong and positive. Hug the people you love, and be thankful every day that you have their support and still have them beside you. They are precious, and nothing else matters.


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