I’ve always wanted to write, but took an indirect route to becoming an author. After my three sons started school, I returned to college and earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut. As a software engineer, I consulted on applications ranging from submarine combat systems to biological research databases.

Weekends and vacations were spent sailing on Long Island Sound. But as an avid sailor and licensed charter boat captain, the itch to sail away into the sunset soon became too strong to resist. My husband and I moved aboard our sailboat and headed south. By the time we reached Florida, we were hooked on a cruising life. Since then, we have spend many years roaming the U.S. coastline, exploring the Bahamas, and enjoying the tropical islands of the Caribbean and the coastal countries of South America.

I began my writing career with non-fiction sailing and travel articles. But I was sailing to lush, exotic islands under starry skies and walking on the most beautiful, white-sand beaches in the world, and my thoughts soon turned to writing novels about romance and adventure.

This year, my boat is docked in Virginia, and I’m sailing on Chesapeake Bay with my husband and a Sheltie named Eve. But my heart remains far away in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, and I’m anxiously looking forward to our next cruise.

To read about my books and see photos of my boat, visit my website:



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    I always enjoy your posts.


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